go marauders!

Ovid-Elsie High School


go marauders!

Ovid-Elsie High School

go marauders!

Ovid-Elsie High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

5 months ago

Ovid-Elsie Girls Soccer blanks Lakeville 8-0.

Game Date
May 17, 2021

The Lady Marauders came out with a lot of energy tonight and secured their ninth win of the season. The Marauders are still undefeated on the season with 7 of the 9 wins coming by way of the mercy rule. For as much as our offense is scoring, I am really pleased with our defense this year.  We had a lot of unknowns coming into the season on the back end, but our defense has really come together only surrendering one goal on the entire season, allowing Ava Bates to earn 7 shutouts on the season. Aubrey Arnett led the way tonight for our banged up defense and Hadley Bukantis was instrumental in getting the offense going wherever I put her on the field.

Goals / Assists

Haylee Palus from Madison Cunningham

Hadley Bukantis from Caitlyn Walter

Hailee Campbell from Hadley Bukantis

Tristin Ziola from Hadley Bukantis

Hailee Campbell from Haylee Palus

Haylee Palus freom Amber Dorn

Madison Cunningham from Evalyn Cole

Evalyn Cole from Kalist Bancroft.


Ava Bates (O-E): 1 save on 1 shot

Lakeville Keeper: 11 saves on 19 shots