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go marauders!

Ovid-Elsie High School


go marauders!

Ovid-Elsie High School

go marauders!

Ovid-Elsie High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

3 months ago

Girls Varsity Volleyball vs. Chesaning Union HS School

Game Date
Oct 6, 2020
MARAUDERS: 20-24-23

Ovid Elsie played a great  game against Chesaning. We played together as a team and pushed each other to work together and stay positive. We focused on our weakness and improved tremendously. Madison Cunningham was playing with a hurt back all game and she stood out and was the leader on and off the court. She kept her team up and killed it with 7 kills herself. Kalista Bancroft had an exceptional night both in the front row and back row. We have struggled to get our offense moving this year and last night Braylon Byrnes made it happen. She worked extremely hard to keep our offense moving strong and taking care of the ball. 

Top Players:

Madison Cunningham

7 kills, 9 serves, 2 aces and 10 serve receive passes

Kalista Bancroft

10 kills, 11 serves, 1 ace, 15 serve receive passes, 10 digs and 5 Solo Blocks

Braylon Byrnes

6 kills, 20 serves, 3 aces, 11 digs and 16 assists
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