go marauders!

Ovid-Elsie High School


go marauders!

Ovid-Elsie High School

go marauders!

Ovid-Elsie High School

Tuesday 5/04/2021 @ 5:00 PM
(H) vs Byron Area Schools

Ovid-Elsie High School 8
Byron Area Schools 0

Happy Senior Night! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication over the years! Seniors: Madison Cunningham, Amber Dorn, Karli Witt, Tristin Ziola, Taylor Stinson, and Allison Reppenhagen. Our seniors had a lot to do with tonight's win and with our successes as a team over the years. Great job & thank you to the players and the parents that help to support this program.

As a team, I was extremely happy with our passing tonight. Our team is really playing unselfish soccer right now and that makes the game come easier to us. Our midfield play is wonderful, they are doing a great job of controlling play and setting up our forwards in positions where they can be successful. When tested our defense stepped up and was able to win possession without any major threats. Our defense is seeing the field well and is always aware of potential threats so they can stop the attack before it even starts.


Karli Witt from Hailee Campbell

Hailee Campbell from Madison Cunningham

Hailee Campbell from Haylee Palus

Evalyn Cole from Caitlyn Walter

Evalyn Cole from Tristin Ziola

Allison Reppenhagen from Evalyn Cole

Hailee Campbell from Evalyn Cole

Madison Cunningham (unassisted PK)


Taylor Stinson (O-E) 1 save on 1 shot

Byron Goalie 10 saves on 18 shots